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Download, installation, and getting started.

I've downloaded the eight files from the website and tried to install them, but it keeps asking for disk 2. What should I do?
Some browsers rename the files, adding [1] at the end of the filename. The files you download should have the following names:
If the files have different names, rename them to match this list.

When I try to register, the software crashes. What's up?
The registration software has difficulties with some modem types (virtual modems in particular). We're trying to find a solution, but in the meantime, follow these steps:
  1. When asked for a method, choose "by fax" rather than "by browser."
  2. When the printer setup appears, select your fax software (most likely Microsoft Fax, if you're running an analogue modem) as the printer device.
  3. When prompted by the fax setup, select "Print to File."
  4. The registration screen will go away. You can fax the printed registration form to us later, at your leisure.

I have CC2, but I can't open any of the maps from the Atlas. Why?
The most likely reason is that you don't have Version 6 of Campaign Cartographer. Select About from the Help menu to check what version you have. You can get Version 6 in any of the following ways:
  1. Purchasing City Designer 2 includes a free upgrade to CC2, Version 6 (without documentation).
  2. If you have purchased Version 5 this year, you'll get a free CD before the end of the year.
  3. The all-new Version 6 CD and manual cost $15.00/£10.00 and are available from our website /leaving.asp?url=http://www.profantasy.com/buying.html.

I have CC2 and I've installed the Atlas, but I can't find the Atlas symbols. Where are they?
The symbols should be in the CC2 folder Symbols\Maps\FR Atlas. If you don't see them there, you don't have Version 6 of CC2. You need Version 6 to use the symbols. The previous answer explains how you can get Version 6.

I installed the Atlas and started it running, but the Atlas font doesn't show up correctly.
On some systems, the font will show up only after you reboot.

Changing maps and map errata.

Where should I report map errata? (Examples: Map X is missing; links don't work or are missing; an item is misspelled; a location is incorrect.)
First, make sure that you have the download found at . You can either download eight small files or one large one. Don't change the filenames. We know that certain maps have mistakes and that others weren't included. You'll soon be able to check an errata list at our website. If you've found a map that you think should be included, or a mistake in a corrected map, please report it to .

I have Campaign Mapper/CC2. How do I edit an existing Atlas map?
  1. Open the map in Campaign Mapper/CC2. You'll find the Atlas maps either in the Maps folder of the Atlas folder (if you did a full installation) or in the Maps folder of the CD (if you did a CD-only installation).
  2. Edit the maps using Campaign Mapper's editing tools. Use the symbols supplied with the Atlas (found in the FR Atlas Symbols folder of Campaign Mapper). If you opened a map from the CD, you'll need to save it on your hard drive. Otherwise, just save the map.
  3. If you made changes to the text or file notes on any map, you'll then need to open the viewer and select Go > Reindex to update the search utility. Note that this will only work if you did a full product installation.

I have Campaign Mapper/CC2. How do I add a map to the Atlas?
You can't add maps to the Atlas on a CD-only installation because you can't save onto a CD, so these instructions only apply if you've done a full product installation to your hard drive.
  1. Create a map using Campaign Mapper/CC2. It's best to start with an existing Atlas map and delete elements you don't want. Select Show Links so that you can delete any links you don't want. Use the symbols supplied with the Atlas (found in the FR Atlas Symbols folder of Campaign Mapper).
  2. Save the map in the Maps folder of the Atlas.
  3. Set the layer to Map Links. Add links to other maps using Link with Map. Add a link to the parent map in the center of the compass rose.
  4. If you want the Parent Map button in the Atlas to work, add a link to the parent map at 0,0, finishing at 1,1. Save the map.
  5. Add any Map Notes about details on the map, including keywords.
  6. Open the parent map and add a link to the new map.
  7. Close Campaign Mapper. Open the viewer and select Go > Reindex to update the search utility.
  8. Select the Bookmark icon. Open the Alphabetical List bookmark from the Maps folder. Select the Add Select button. Add your map, then use move up to move it into the correct position. Alternatively, open the Alphabetical List bookmark in a text editor and add the filename to the list in the correct place then save it as a text file. Known viewer bugs.

I see strange brown lines going off the screen in overland maps. What are they?
On some systems, in some views, on some maps, a minor cosmetic bug causes certain roads to look distorted. If you zoom in or out slightly, the problem usually goes away. It doesn't affect printouts. It's caused by a combination of the dashed-line style used for roads, a line width greater than 0, and too many nodes.

Other frequently asked questions

Why weren't all the maps in the Realms included in the Atlas? Why is the download so big?
Wizards of the Coast provided ProFantasy Software with a vast list of maps--and a budget. There isn't a company in existence who could have converted that list and stayed within the budget (without extensive volunteer assistance), nor could the potential sales of the product warrant the vast budget that would have been required. We therefore contracted to do the maps on an individual basis--as many as we could do. However, due to the massive response from CC2 mappers and Realms fans who agreed to help us, we were instead able to include all of the maps on the list. Time constraints meant that this list had to be divided into two parts, as it was never originally envisioned that all the maps could be included.

Wizards of the Coast therefore released the Atlas with more than the planned original number of maps; they've put up on the Web a whole bunch of extra maps that weren't originally included; and now, thanks to the success of the Atlas, they've agreed to let us finish all the outstanding maps in the Realms and make them available for download by Atlas users.

Why aren't the maps in GIF/JPEG/my favorite format?
The maps have been painstakingly created from scans in vector format. See the Atlas user manual for a discussion of vector format versus other formats. The prime advantage of the Atlas file format is that you can export any map as a bitmap, and then bring it into any paint program to convert it to whatever other format you like. You can't convert the other way, though. An example of a shareware paint program that will import and convert is Paint Shop Pro at . This shareware is well worth purshase.

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