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What is the Forgotten Realms® Interactive Atlas?

The atlas consists of three parts. First, more than five hundred maps of the Realms are attractively rendered in full color. Second, the viewer enables you to find your maps and print them. Third, the globe shows a spherical overview of Abeir-Toril, which you can click on to view selected areas in the viewer.

The Viewer

What can the viewer do?
The viewer lets you navigate quickly and easily between maps and within maps, print the maps at any scale, and hide or show features on a map. You can also add information to maps.

How can I find a particular map?
An indexed search quickly takes you to any related maps; find all overland maps, all maps from a particular product, or all maps containing Waterdeep and Church. You can also select a map using the Open command, which works just the same way as in any other software. You can use the Forward and Back buttons to move through recently viewed maps. Finally, you can select a map from predefined lists of maps called bookmarks. An example bookmark lists all the maps in alphabetical order.

How can I group related maps?
The bookmark utility lets you select any map from the atlas and add it to a list. You can also add searches to the list. You can save any number of lists. For example, you could have a list of all maps relating to Waterdeep, all maps from a particular product, or a list of the maps you'll need for your forthcoming session.

How quick and easy is it to search for particular maps?
The viewer uses an indexed search; this means that searches happen in a split second. You can search for any text appearing in the body of the map or in the map notes. The map notes contain product information and map details, so you can quickly find a particular map from a particular supplement.

(If you make any changes to the maps or add maps of your own, you can reindex the atlas. This takes two or three minutes.)

How else can I navigate between maps?
You can select the parent map of any map. For example, if you select the parent icon on the Waterdeep map, you would see an appropriate map of the Sword Coast. You can also get to the parent by clicking on the center of the compass rose.

You can click on hotspots to open other maps. For example, if another floor of a building is mapped, you can click on the stairs to open that map. If a town is mapped, you can select it on an overland map and it will open.

On overland maps, you can click on the arrows on the compass rose to see adjacent maps or click on an area to see a focus map.

How do I navigate within maps?
You can zoom to any part of the map in at most two steps. You can zoom in, out, to a particular window, to the extents of the map, or to a predefined view of the map. Finally, you can find and zoom to a particular item of text. This is particularly useful on large overland maps or maps of cities such as Waterdeep; you can find any street or keyed location very quickly.

How do I hide and show map features?
All of the drawing objects on the maps are divided up into layers. Think of these as overlapping pieces of clear plastic. You can hide a layer (remove the clear plastic sheet) or show it (put the sheet back again). This means that you can hide secret features, traps, keys, or text so that players can't see them. When you print, hidden layers are not printed.

What printing options are there?
Three options control what you print. First, choose what view you want to print. This can be the entire drawing, the view you can currently see, or a predefined view. Second, choose the scale at which you want to print. This can be no scale (in other words, the view you have chosen fits on the page) or a particular scale (1" = 10', 1:72, or whatever you like). Finally, choose whether to print on one piece of paper or tile your print across many sheets.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Print the entire map on one piece of paper
  • Print a particular room of a dungeon at 1" = 10'
  • Print the entire map of Waterdeep at 1" = 50' across many pieces of paper

Can I export maps?
Yes. You can export maps as high-resolution bitmaps. Bitmaps are easily converted into other raster-based images such as GIFs and JPEGs.

What changes can I make to maps with the viewer?
The viewer is designed only to view maps, not to edit them. But you can add searchable map notes to any map, hide and show layers, or save a particular view, and if you save the map, that information will remain. You can edit the maps, but you'll need ProFantasy Software's Campaign Cartographer 2TM or the AD&D® Core Rules Campaign Mapper to edit the maps.

The Maps

How were the maps created?
We scanned the maps from the source material. Most of the originals were black and white and not very detailed. We then recreated each map by drawing over the scan using our Campaign Cartographer 2 software, correcting errors and often adding interesting detail based on the map keys in the source material. More than a hundred Campaign Cartographer 2 users were involved in the project under the watchful supervision of the Forgotten Realms team. All the maps are in full color and contain as much if not more information than the originals. In addition we included a number of all-new maps, including a new level of the Undermountain.

How did you create the overland maps?
These were scanned, just as the other maps were, but were much harder to keep consistent; many of the original maps do not fit together properly. We worked from a world view down, making sure each section fitted with its neighbors.

What overland maps are included?
The whole of the Realms has been mapped at overland campaign level--some areas in greater detail than others. The overland maps in the atlas have been consolidated from several sources with an eye to making the overland map set as complete, up to date, and accurate as possible. Where conflicting information appears within the original source material, corrections and changes have been made through liaison with TSR.

What other maps are included?

  • All maps from the core Forgotten Realms source products (the "FR" series of reference modules, Volo's guides, "FRS" modules, and the boxed sets Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, The Horde, Kara-Tur, Maztica, Spellbound, The North, Lands of Intrigue, Empires of the Shining Sea, Ruins of Zhentil Keep, Ruins of Myth Drannor, Ruins of Undermountain I & II, City of Ravens Bluff, and the "LC" series of reference modules).
  • All maps from roughly 95% of the adventure modules published for the Realms from 1986 to 1998.
  • All maps associated with the city of Waterdeep, including those from FR1 Waterdeep & The North, Volo's Guide to Waterdeep, FRE1 Waterdeep, and the boxed sets City of Splendors and City System.
  • A good selection of maps from the Arcane Age series (Netheril, How the Mighty Have Fallen, and the Cormanthyr sourcebook).

Note that 70% of these maps are included on the release CD-ROM of the atlas. The remaining 30% will be in the expansion download.

What isn't included?

  • With the exception of a selection of maps from OA7 Test of the Samurai, the module series FRA1-3, and, of course, the Kara-Tur boxed set, maps from Oriental Adventures modules and sourcebooks are not included.
  • With the exception of the overland map information, no map from any Al-Qadim® source has been included.
  • A small number (roughly 5% of existing material) of adventure module maps are not included.

What is common to all maps?
Maps have a compass rose showing north (where appropriate) and a scale bar. All maps have predefined layers; overland, city, and floor-plan maps have slightly different layer sets. They all look great.

What format are the maps in?
The maps are stored in a compressed vector format. Instead of using the array of dots found in bitmaps, the atlas stores maps as a collection of geometric shapes that combine to make the map. These are stored in a drawings database. Whenever you change the view in the viewing window, the atlas recalculates what you can see from the database and displays it.

The atlas file format has four major advantages over raster-based images such as GIFs and bitmaps. First, you can zoom in and print without any loss of detail. Second, the files created are very small in comparison with similarly detailed raster maps. Third, you can hide and show relevant features using layers. Finally, the atlas uses the same file format as AD&D Core Rules Campaign Mapper and Campaign Cartographer 2, so you can use these to edit the maps.

The Globe

What is the globe?
The globe is a spherical image of Abeir-Toril, including never-before-seen lands. Use it when you need to step back and get an overview. You can use the globe to open maps in the viewer. The globe has two images: an attractive relief map and a more prosaic features map. You can swap between the two at any time.

How do I control what I see on the globe?
You can use a "hand" cursor to grab the globe and drag it around. You can zoom in to get a more detailed view, or zoom out.

How can I select an area to explore?
When you move the arrow cursor over the globe, mapped areas highlight and a yellow tool tip lets you know the name of the area. You can then click on any area to open the appropriate map in the viewing window.

What else can I do with the globe?
You can use it to play the animation that comes with the atlas.

Other Questions

How can I edit the maps?
If you have Campaign Mapper (included in the AD&D Core Rules 2.0 CD-ROM) or Campaign Cartographer 2, you will be able to edit the maps in the atlas and create your own. It's much easier to make changes to the maps in the atlas than to start your own from scratch. You'll need version 6 or higher of CC2 or CM to edit the maps. The atlas includes a free upgrade to version 6 of Campaign Mapper for existing Core Rules 2 users.

I have CC2 version 5. Can I edit the maps?
No. CC2 version 5 users need to purchase an upgrade to version 6 from
www.profantasy.com to be able to edit the maps. A free software-only upgrade to version 6 is available with City Designer 2TM. The upgrade is only £10.00/$15.00 and includes many more features.

Are there any new symbols included?
We created over five hundred new symbols based on original TSR® artwork to make the atlas. If you have Campaign Mapper (in the AD&D Core Rules 2.0 CD-ROM) or Campaign Cartographer 2 v.6 from
www.profantasy.com, the symbols will install automatically and be available for you to add to your own maps.

Atlas Source Material

Boxed Sets
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (revised; 2nd Ed.)
The Horde
Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms
Land of Fate
Arcane Age: Netheril, Empire of Magic
The North
Lands of Intrigue
Empires of the Shining Sea
City System
City of Splendors
Ruins of Undermountain
Ruins of Undermountain II
Ruins of Myth Drannor
Ruins of Zhentil Keep
Elminster's Ecologies

Softback Books & Modules
DQ01 The Shattered Statue
FA01 Nightmare Keep
FA02 Halls of the High King
FMA01 Fires of Zatal
FMA02 Endless Armies
FMQ01 City of Gold
FOR01 Draconomicon
FOR03 Pirates of the Fallen Stars
FR01 Waterdeep & The North
FR02 Moonshaes
FR03 Empires of the Sands
FR05 The Savage Frontier
FR06 Dreams of the Red Wizards
FR09 Bloodstone Lands
FR10 Old Empires
FR11 Dwarves Deep
FR13 Anauroch
FR14 The Great Glacier
FR16 The Shining South
FRA01 Storm Riders
FRA02 Black Courser
FRA03 Blood Charge
FRC01 Ruins of Adventure
FRC02 Curse of the Azure Bonds
FRE01 Shadowdale
FRE02 Tantras
FRE03 Waterdeep
FRM01 Jungles of Chult
FRQ01 Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
FRQ02 Hordes of Dragonspear
FRQ03 Doom of Daggerdale
FRS01 The Dalelands
I14 Swords of the Iron Legion
LC01 Gateway to Ravens Bluff
LC02 Inside Ravens Bluff
LC04 Port of Ravens Bluff
N04 Treasure Hunt
N05 Under Illefarn
OA07 Test of the Samurai (in part)
PG02 Player's Guide to the Forgotten Realms
REF05 Lords of Darkness
Atlas of the Forgotten Realms
Castle Spulzeer
City of Ravens Bluff
Dungeon Crawl: The Lost Level
Dungeon Crawl: Madgoth's Castle
Dungeon Crawl: Stardock
Dungeon Crawl: Hellgate Keep
Elves of Evermeet
Four from Cormyr
How the Mighty Have Fallen
Marco Volo: Arrival
Marco Volo: Departure
Marco Volo: Journey
The Moonsea
Powers & Pantheons
Return of Randal Morn
Secret of the Spiderhaunt
Sword of the Dales
The Vilhon Reach
Volo's Guide to Waterdeep
Volo's Guide to the North
Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast
Volo's Guide to the Dalelands

Night Masks
The Wyvern's Spur

Dragon #205
Dragon #227

TM03 Waterdeep Trail Map
TM04 Kara-Tur Trail Map

Sources Not Included

Certain of the products below were referenced to ensure overland map consistency, but no individual maps from these sources appear in the atlas. This list does not include novels and magazine articles.

Boxed Sets
City of Delights
Corsairs of the Great Sea
ALQ01 Golden Voyages
ALQ02 Assassin Mountain
ALQ03 A Dozen and One Adventures
ALQ04 Secrets of the Lamp
FR08 Cities of Mystery*

Softback Books & Modules
Accursed Tower
Arabian Adventures
Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue*
Cities of Bone
Complete Sha'ir's Handbook*
Demihumans of the Realms*
Demihuman Deities
Faiths & Avatars*
For Duty & Deity
Knight of the Living Dead*
Sea of Fallen Stars
Seven Sisters*
Warriors & Rogues of the Realms*
Wizards & Priests of the Realms*
Wyrmskull Throne
FOR02 Drow of the Underdark*
FOR04 Code of the Harpers*
FR07 Hall of Heroes*
FR12 Horde Campaign
FR15 Gold & Glory*
FROA01 Ninja Wars
H01 Bloodstone Pass
H02 The Mines of Bloodstone
H03 Bloodstone Wars
H04 Throne of Bloodstone
I03 Pharaoh
I04 Oasis of the White Palm
I05 Tomb of Martek
I03-05 Desert of Desolation (I03-05 was referenced to place the town of Bralizzar, but none of the sites mapped within the supermodule are included.)
LC03 Nightwatch on the Living City
OA01 Swords of the Daimyo
OA02 Night of the Seven Swords
OA03 Ochimo, the Spirit Warrior
OA04 Blood of the Yakuza
OA05 Mad Monkey vs. Dragon Claw
OA06 Ronin Challenge
OA07 Test of the Samurai (in part)
OP01 Tales of Outer Planes*
SJR02 Realmspace

* indicates no cartographical source

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