Participants in Next Round of
Fantasy Setting Search Announced

Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce that we have selected three submissions in our fantasy setting search to move to the next stage. The three were part of a group of eleven ten-page submissions that were, in turn, selected from nearly 11,000 initial proposals.

The three people whose submissions have been selected for the final stage of the search are:

  • Philip Nathan Toomey
  • Rich Burlew
  • Keith Baker

Each of these submittees will now prepare a 100-page setting bible that will be used to narrow the three to a single finalist.

Wizards extends warm congratulations to the creators of all eleven ten-page proposals for their energy and ingenuity. All the proposals were very good, and this selection was a difficult choice. Our special congratulations go to Philip, Rich, and Keith, and we wish each of them the best of luck on the next stage of their proposals.

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