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Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce that after a rigorous search through nearly 11,000 one-page proposals, we have narrowed our search for a new fantasy setting to eleven proposals. As of August 30, 2002, the authors of all eleven proposals have been notified that they will move on to the next stage of the search. Though we had originally planned to pick only ten proposals, the high quality of those submitted compelled us to slightly expand that number.

We'd like to sincerely thank all those who submitted proposals. We regret that we cannot, as we'd originally hoped, contact all the submittees personally. Unfortunately, the sheer number of proposals made this impossible.

If you submitted a proposal and have not been contacted, you will not be contacted to tell you that you have not advanced to the next stage. All those who have advanced have been contacted already.

The creativity shown by those who submitted shows that the gaming industry is alive and well. We're sure that some of the proposals we did not choose will be picked up by other gaming companies and turned into exciting settings that will stimulate and challenge the imagination.

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