2002 ENnie Awards

The 2nd annual ENnie awards were handed out in a ceremony on Friday, August 9, at Gencon.

ENnies are given to d20 game products and creators to recognize outstanding achievement in the realm of Open Gaming. The awards originated with EN World, a leading web site devoted to d20 gaming that features resources, industry news, and message forums.

ENnies were awarded in 16 standard categories and one special category. The nominees were selected by a panel of five independent judges. Final winners were elected through open voting by the gaming public.

While we're thrilled to see so many Wizards of the Coast products and employees on the list, we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and nominees and look forward to seeing more great d20 products for 2003.

Call of Cthulhu:
Best D20 Game, Best
Graphic Design and Layout
Monte Cook on behalf of WotC



Eric Noah was the force behind Eric Noah's Unofficial Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition News. He currently serves as a moderator on the EN World message boards and maintains EN World's D20 System Guide.

Alan D. "Psion" Kohler is an electrical engineer involved with computerized aircraft landing systems, a Navy veteran, and a staff reviewer with EN World.

Jeff "Colonel Hardisson" Black performs mind-numbing, back-breaking jobs to earn a living in order to support his RPG addiction. He also holds a degree in motion picture production and produced an award-winning short film, "Worn Down." More importantly, he helped spearhead the Middle Earth d20 Conversion website hosted by EN World.

Charles Greathouse was lured back to D&D through the strength of the Third Edition. He runs the MW Tools D&D generator site and contributes to the SSBF (Standard Stat Block Foundation).

Jeff "Teflon Billy" Ranger has been involved with RPGs for over 20 years, including organizing game conventions and writing modules and magazine articles.


Where possible, all nominees are listed in the format Title (publisher; author/editor/cartographer/illustrator).

Best Adventure

Best Campaign Setting:
Oriental Adventures
James Wyatt on behalf of WotC

Best D20 Game

Best Rules Supplement

Best Campaign Setting

Best Setting Supplement

Best Free Product or Web Enhancement: Portable Hole Full of Beer (Ambient)

Best Free Product or Web Enhancement

Best Aid or Accessory

Best Cartography

Special Award for Contribution to Open Gaming: Ryan Dancey

Best Art (Interior)

Best Art (Cover)

Best Graphic Design and Layout

Best Monster Supplement

Best Fan Resource Site

Best Fan Campaign Site

Best Official Website

Best Publisher

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