Gen Con 2001 Post Con Report

A total of 25,280 gaming fans converged on Milwaukee, Wisconsin from August 2 - 5 for Gen Con 2001! This attendance number is the highest one in the 34 years that Gen Con Game Fair has been in existence. Approximately 3,400 events ran at the show, including roleplaying games, strategy games, board games, miniatures, computer games, and more. Gen Con 2001 also featured over 10,000 demonstrations of new products. That's more introductory game-play sessions than any other fantasy game convention in the United States. In addition, a slew of celebrities from science-fiction and fantasy television and movie roles showed up to interact with the attendees in Q&A sessions, autographing sessions, and more.

Celebrities featured at the 2001 Gen Con Game Fair included noted actors, authors, and artists. Billy Dee Williams, best known for his role as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars movies The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, answered guests' questions and even participated in game demonstrations. Other celebrities who joined in the fun were Alexandra Tydings, Aphrodite from Xena: Warrior Princess; James Marsters, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Michael Kaluta, cover artist for DC and Marvel Comics; award-winning author Neal Barrett, Jr.; and Richard Biggs, best known for his five years on Babylon 5 and his present role as Bill Moody on Lifetime's critically acclaimed hit Any Day Now.

The 2001 Gen Con Game Fair attendees also got to participate in a variety of special events over the four days of the convention. Fantasy Friday featured the fair's best-known fantasy game events, such as Tracy Hickman's Killer Breakfast, as well as a variety of seminars. Science-Fiction Saturday highlighted the 16th annual costume contest, many RPGA Network Living Force events, as well as Star Wars roleplaying and collectible card game events, seminars, and panel discussions. Throughout the day, the creators of the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game revealed the latest facts about the game. Family Fun Sunday featured a life-size demonstration of the Dungeons & Dragons Clue board game, Infinite Imagination's version of Comedy Central's hysterical game show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, a Pokémon trading card game tournament, Harry Potter trading card game demos, and many more activities and seminars geared toward the family.

Approximately 230 game and hobby companies filled the Gen Con Exhibit Hall to showcase and sell the latest products. Many exhibitors offered free demonstrations that allowed guests to try out a new game before purchasing it. Each morning, the doors leading to the Exhibit Hall were filled with people eager to get in to make their purchases and shop!

For those who wish to see the things they missed at this year's Gen Con, Virtual Gen Con is brimming with photos and stories on the convention experience. Staff and volunteers worked around the clock to bring you footage and articles about the fun activities at the game fair.

If you're interested in attending the 2002 Gen Con Game Fair, keep checking our Gen Con main news page. We'll have news there, soon. In the meantime, see you next year!

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