Dragotha's Lair
A 2nd Edition Adventurer's Guild Tournament
for Return to White Plume Mountain

By Bruce Cordell

Revisit the familiar territory that was first introduced in White Plume Mountain by Lawrence Schick and later revisited by Bruce Cordell in Return to White Plume Mountain with this classic 2nd Edition Adventurer's Guild tournament called Dragotha's Lair. Dragotha's Lair is for five to six characters of 6th to 8th level and requires the use of the 2nd Edition Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master Guide. Not only does this adventure feature a dracolich and its lair, but it also comes with pregenerated characters and two maps. You don't need to have Return to White Plume Mountain to run Dragotha's Lair, though it certainly ties in well with that epic adventure.

Adventure Preview

Cave of Bones

Meager downs poke grassy tops from the edge of the swamp. The hills mark a transition between the edge of the swamp and dryer, rocky terrain. A dark cave beckons, leading directly into the side of one of the downs.

The aperture leads into a cramped (5-ft.-high by 3-ft.-wide) cave that runs only 30 feet under the hillside, finally opening into a roughly 10-ft. by 10-ft. by 10-ft. subterranean chamber. The cave is empty but for faded cave paintings and graffiti on the wall. The cave paintings depict various animals, including bear, buffalo, and deer, though all are completely skeletal. The ceiling holds one final painting: a skeletal dragon.

The graffiti is obviously written by various hands over a long period of time and is mostly indecipherable. A few lines of interest remain:

  • "Keraptis stole the heart of Dragotha, and so earned the dragon's eternal hate."
  • "A hero most noble ensures the Dragon's continuing slumber."
  • "Dragotha's hoard surpasses that of any other dragon."

    The heroes may or may not draw conclusions from the pictures and graffiti, but nothing else of value can be found here.

  • Download Dragoth's Lair now (1.71 MB PDF)

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