Join Regdar Winners Announced!

Last Fall, we entreated visitors to join Regdar in a quest to find his missing companions by combing through the latest news and features showcased here on the Dungeons & Dragons website. The response to the fighter's call to arms was overwhelming as over 11,500 individual entrants participated in the three-month contest. Each month, 10 winners were awarded an autographed copy of either the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide, or the Monster Manual, and 20 more winners were chosen to receive a free yearlong subscription to Dragon.

We are also pleased to announce the Grand Prize winners for the Join Regdar web contest. Three contestants, one for each month of the contest, were drawn to receive the exclusive privilege of having their character brought to life in a limited edition illustration by artists Todd Lockwood and Sam Wood! The finished piece will include all three characters, drawn to meet the specifications set by their players, along with their new adventuring companion Regdar. The original will be showcased at Gen Con.

Here are our three Grand Prize winners!

  • Clayton Thompson of San Francisco, Calif., player of Zithrek, a tiefling rogue/wizard
  • Bart Vickers of Lee's Summit, Missouri, player of Kirujen, a human sorcerer/monk
  • Mats Ondin of Uppsala, Sweden, player of Kieran, a human rogue/fighter

Thank you again to everyone who joined Regdar in his journey to reclaim his comrades. Although this quest is concluded, a number of new adventures await the intrepid. Keep checking in at for exciting new features, contests, and information within the realms of Dungeons & Dragons!

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