Spellwriting Contest: The Results Are In!

Last November, the WIZARDS.COMmunity message boards team launched a spellwriting contest that asked fans to submit their original spells for all to see. Two months and 200 entries later the results are in, and we've got three winners judged by the message boards team to be the most original and balanced spells of the lot! Take a look at the winners’ spells, and see if you can put to use a fellow gamer's creativity.

The Winners!

Our winning entries were submitted by Brett Blackwell, Jeff Binder, and Bill W. Baldwin. Note: These spells have not been reviewed by the D&D rules team and should not be considered official game supplements.

Thieving Arrow
Ahzsthrum's Insidious Babbling
Summoning Bond

Submissions were judged according to creativity and originality, rule balance, and grammar and spelling. Winners receive their choice of either the new Dungeons & Dragons Player Character Sheets or Dungeon Master’s Screen.

You can check out the message board yourself to see all the entries; use the web interface or follow the instructions on the message boards home page to use your browser's built-in newsreader. And don't worry if you missed out on the spellwriting contest – we’re running a new prestige class contest until mid-February. Look for the topic Games.Prestige__Class__Contest for more information.


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