New Product Downloads Announced

Looking for a long-lost roleplaying game product? Wizards of the Coast is pleased to present to you electronic software downloads of out-of-print products -- now including Dragonlance titles! From now through March you can download more classic products from our online store for only $2.95 each! Check out the schedule to see when each new title becomes available!

While you’re shopping for yourself, pick up a few gift certificates so the rest of your gaming group can enjoy these downloads too. Visit our online store and click on the gift certificates button (the gift icon in the upper right corner) to give the gift of downloads to all your friends. You can get them in any amount starting at $10 (to a maximum of $500).

If you have questions about when products from a certain campaign world will be released as electronic software downloads, refer to our Classic Downloads FAQ.

Release Schedule (updated 1/12/01)

Check out the free releases on our Classics Downloads page


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