Cliffhangers Adventures
The Trouble in Town
By Eric Haddock

Episode Four: Unbidden

The Trouble in Town is a short adventure for four 10th-level characters. The adventure takes place near a walled town by a shallow river with a nonfunctioning, long abandoned aqueduct. Dungeon Masters can modify the adventure to accommodate higher-level characters by giving humanoid foes more class levels and increasing the HD and/or age category of other opponents.


If the DM doesn't have his or her own ideas for what treasure to hand out in this short adventure, here is the list that they can find in an ornate chest in Golgon's chamber: chest with inset rubies and amber chips (600 gp), assassin's dagger, 2 ruby and gold tooth caps (to fit over Golgon's teeth; worth 800 gp each), fine black veil trimmed with black seed pearls (1,300 gp), 49 pp, 9 gp, 33 sp, and 87 cp. Since several of the magic items in this adventure are fairly limited in scope, it is up to you to determine whether the PCs can find a seller or use for those items. If you decide to allow them to sell the items for even a reduced price or if they find a use for them, you should take that into account when handing out the treasure listed above.

Adventure Background

The PCs have already started investigating the disappearances of citizens of Auldlar, and their discoveries have taken them to the old tower. Inside, they've discovered a few nefarious beings, such as dark wisps, and some interesting magic. They've also found young Nevile. In this episode, the PCs face off with the evil that has been plaguing Auldlar.


This episode uses the "Third Floor" section of the Githyanki Citadel Floor Sections map from the Map-a-Week feature.

Golgon's Chamber (EL 10)

The chamber is located deep underneath the tower. It's about where the first dry chamber above the water line is indicated in the map of Auldlar and environs in the first episode. When the PCs enter the chamber, they find that it isn't lit.

Although Golgon uses the silver chain of teleportation magic item (see the previous episode) to teleport to his chamber, he teleports himself out. This means the PCs will have to use their own means to escape Golgon's chamber.

Each of the compass points has a circular chamber. Each area contains one of the kidnap victims (except for Nevile, who was found in the tower). Each victim is connected to a significantly more elaborate alchemical setup than the one found in the tower. A successful Heal check (DC 15) shows that each victim is dead and is slowly being transformed into some kind of other creature, though what creature that would be cannot be determined. A successful Knowledge (arcana) check suggests that the humans might be undergoing a process to convert them into some sort of magical beast.

Golgon (cornugon): hp 82; see Monster Manual page 49.

Tactics: Golgon attacks the PCs on sight and kills them all for invading his chamber. Golgon does not allow himself to be defeated. If he's beaten in combat, he'll teleport himself away or, if he cannot teleport, he will summon other devils to assist him. (Devil types and standard chances of success are listed in the cornugon description in the Monster Manual.)

Continuing the Adventure

Killing -- or driving off -- Golgon ends the trouble in Auldlar. However, questions remain. Golgon does not seem to have the skills necessary to conduct magical experiments. Although he can carry out many tasks (he has an above-average Intelligence ability score) there must be a mastermind behind the effort. If Golgon had wanted to do so, his power, used wisely, could have been enough to subjugate the entire town by himself. Why sneak away people for cruel experiments? And why Auldlar? These questions can be answered with future adventures….


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