Cliffhangers Adventures

Episode Three: Under the Sea
By Ramon Arjona

Sharkbait! is a short adventure for four 5th-level characters. The adventure takes place initially in the coastal town of Mochdrev, then moves into a system of underwater caverns adopted as a temporary base by a group of sahuagin. Dungeon Masters can adjust this adventure for more powerful PCs by giving levels of cleric and ranger to the sahuagin who oppose the PCs, or by increasing the number of sahuagin. The DM could also increase the size and number of the sharks that accompany the sahuagin and assist them in their attempt to eliminate the PCs. To be particularly vicious, the DM could use dire sharks or weresharks (Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn, page 92) instead of the relatively innocuous natural forms presented below.

Adventure Background

The PCs came to the village of Mochdrev to find the village leader dead in his temple and the temple's statue stolen. A local by the name of Cyric has offered to take the group to the system of caves where he thinks the stolen statue is. The PCs have already faced two sharks on the water as they neared the caves, and now they must swim to enter the cave system.

Area 43 (EL 4)

The characters should have some means of lighting their way, such as a light or continual flame spell, as no natural light reaches into the caves.

As the characters enter the caves, read the following:

The water is full of silt, making visibility poor. Nothing is visible beyond 15 feet or so. Strange currents and eddies fill the area, as though things were moving in the water.

There is, in fact, something moving in this large chamber: the great hammerhead sharks that the sahuagin placed here as guards. These sharks are not the same as the ones that dragged Lurotha away, and so they begin the encounter at full strength.

Shark, Large (2): hp 38 each; see Monster Manual page 201.

Tactics: The sharks do not have any sophisticated tactics. They pick on the PC who seems weakest, either the smallest one or the one who seems hurt the worst. If any of the PCs are wounded from the previous encounter and still bleeding, the sharks attack him or her in preference to other targets. These sharks are trained to kill. Once blood spills into the water, and they do not stop attacking until they or the PCs are dead.

Area 42

When the characters enter this area, read the following:

The silt here is not as thick, and the walls of this chamber are clearly visible. Strange markings -- fluid blue and red flowing strokes that might be writing -- decorate the walls along with other shapes that resemble the prints of large webbed hands.

A successful Decipher Script check (DC 25) reveals this writing to be a prayer to Sekolah for a successful hunt.

Area 41 (EL 1)

Arrow Trap: CR 1; +10 ranged (1d6/x3 crit) Search (DC 25*); Disable Device (DC 20). Note: 200-ft. max range, target determined randomly from those in its path. *Characters receive a -5 circumstance penalty (already applied) to attempts to search for this trap because of the silty conditions.

The sahuagin set up this trap to further soften the PCs before they spring the final ambush on them. The arrows in the trap are specially made sahuagin crossbow bolts, and they receive none of the penalties missile weapons typically do when used under water.


The sahuagin, and the possible salvation of Mochdrev, lie just ahead of the PCs. Will they have the strength to see their taks through? Or will they bleed their last in these caves beneat the ocean.


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