The Candlemaker's Fire
By Jesse Decker
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The Candlemaker’s Fire
Candles of Cheerful Burning
by Jesse Decker

This magic item is designed to work with the The Candlemaker’s Fire D&D Cliffhangers serialized module. However, Dungeon Masters can easily adapt it for their own scenarios as well.

Candles of Cheerful Burning

When lit, a candle of cheerful burning can ensnare viewers’ minds. Those viewing a candle of cheerful burning must make a DC 13 Will save to avoid the candle’s effects. Those who fail their saves find their attention captivated by the candle’s light; creatures so affected suffer effects identical to a hypnotic pattern spell.

Those who encounter an already lit candle can still be affected by the candle’s magic. A creature makes only one saving throw each time it is exposed to a candle’s effect. Subsequent rounds do not require additional saving throws. If a candle is extinguished and then relit immediately, it does not cause additional saving throws to be made. Creatures must make new saving throws to avoid a candle’s effect if the DM rules that enough time has passed between a previous sighting of the same candle (say, for the rest of the encounter). Each candle burns for a total of one hour.

A candle can affect a maximum of 2d4+3 Hit Dice of creatures at once. Creatures are affected in the order in which they see the candle. If several creatures see the candle at the same time, creatures of fewer Hit Dice are affected first. Extinguishing a candle immediately cancels its effect.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, hypnotic pattern; Market Price: 12,000 gp; Weight: 1/2 lb.

About the Author

Before becoming managing editor of TopDeck magazine , Jesse Decker worked as assistant editor for Dragon . His previous Cliffhangers adventure, Unearthing the Past , appeared in August.


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