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Celebrity Game Table
The Sumberton Campaign: The Foes
By Daneen McDermott

Read more about the Sumberton campaign, and find new characters to use in your own game sessions.
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Bandits: The bandits were our quarry. They were pretty secure in the inner keep, and there were plenty of them. Business had been good. And David had set up a recruiting system among the thieves -- so whenever we scuttled off to Sumberton to lick our wounds (an all-too-frequent occurrence), the bandit numbers grew.

When Dave Gross dropped out of the game, it was really very natural (for the world dynamic David had in his mind) that the bandits might accept Hamelin as a new member. Hamelin had to work his way up in the bandit hierarchy, but apparently he was up to the task -- because before it was over, we were fighting Hamelin as the leader of the bandits. Fik was given a similar opportunity when James missed a session, but James roleplayed a daring escape instead.

Goblins: Also vying for the keep, but contained mostly in the outer wall and towers, were several dozen goblins. Early on, we planned to take one tower at a time, slowly cleaning out the goblins and working our way toward the inner keep. But whenever we’d get into the fray, more goblins would join the battle. We were always out-numbered and often had to retreat. Eventually we did enough damage to the goblins to rout them into the forest. We’re pretty sure the vampire unicorn finished them off.

What Lurked Beneath: Unbeknownst to both the bandits and goblins, a third group resided at the keep. We found trap doors in the outer towers leading underground. The doors were sealed with a very complicated locking system (which we appreciated -- otherwise, the bandits or goblins already would have used the tunnels against us). We had hoped to gain entry to the main keep through the tunnels. We eventually did, but we spent many adventures under there, maneuvering through rooms full of traps, fighting undead and a powerful necromancer, and discovering an enormous undead army in what looked like stasis. We left that behind when we found the trapdoor leading into the main keep (another plot point left unresolved).

All these diverse elements created more directions than the group could follow. But that’s why this campaign was so fun. The players could explore in whatever direction they wanted, without being herded along a linear plot, as some are forced to do. We all knew we could return there whenever we wanted and there would be plenty to do.


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