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The Sumberton Campaign: The Places
By Daneen McDermott

Read more about the Sumberton campaign, and find new characters to use in your own game sessions.
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Sumberton (the unsunny): Sumberton was the small town where members of the group found themselves at the beginning of this campaign. (Interestingly, David had placed it very close to Hommlet, of The Temple of Elemental Evil fame, before he knew that Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil was in the works.) It rains in Sumberton. I don’t mean that like, "It snows in November." It never stops raining in Sumberton; there are varying degrees of rain, from mist, through drizzle, to downpour. I don’t believe anyone who grew up in that town had ever seen the sun. Which makes the attempts of the Clergy of Pelor to build a temple in that city all the more ironic.

Sumberton was not the most cosmopolitan of places. Politicians and nobles, no longer having need of warlord generals after the war, granted fiefdoms to these dangerous individuals and sent them to the area. The biggest and baddest of all the warlords had established his keep just a few miles west of Sumberton.

The town held maybe a half-dozen businesses -- the inn, a stockade of soldiers, the soldiers’ tavern, the potions-seller, a general store, and the merchant guildhouse. Most were there only to support a small farming community. What do people grow where it rains all the time? Rice, of course -- lots and lots of rice.

Sumberton lay on trade routes and had an established merchant guild. The guild became our party’s primary source of work. Merchant caravans traveling west of Sumberton were consistently getting ambushed by bandits, and the head of the guild was none too happy with the "help" she was getting from the stockade. The soldiers at the stockade were the only form of law enforcement the area had, and were kept pretty occupied by orc attacks. It was unclear to our characters whether the soldiers were corrupt, or simply uninterested in the merchant guild’s problems.

The Bridge: The road leading west out of Sumberton traveled over a small wooden bridge, just down the hill from the military stockade. Soldiers at the stockade were miserable. Soldiers guarding the bridge and collecting the toll were doubly so. Of course, those of us paying the one-gold-piece-per-leg toll were not too happy about it, either.

The Forest: West of town stood a forest filled with all sorts of vile critters (as forests are wont to be). Worgs, dire wolves, dire badgers (we accused David of being stuck on the "D" page in the Monster Manual), and centaurs always pestered us on the way to the keep. The centaurs weren’t happy with humans in their forest due to the bandits, but we talked our way into friendship with them. And then they warned us of "Blacky."

Druids’ Hill: Druids lived on a hill southwest of town. They would move stones, large and small, around the hill. The stones represented various forces in the area, and the movement of the stones represented how they interacted with other forces (stones) around them. The characters saw their stone once. It was pretty bewildering. That’s what made it a great plot point to throw into the campaign. The druids’ agenda was never clear, but they did give us one good hint -- there was something under the keep.

The Keep: Warlords had obviously moved out, because this keep was a mess. Several towers were no more than rubble piles. Some outer walls were missing. It was surprising that anyone would want to stay in this place, and even more amazing when we found two different groups fighting over it like it was gold.


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