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Celebrity Game Table
The Sumberton Campaign: The Faces
By Daneen McDermott

Read more about the Sumberton campaign, and find new characters to use in your own game sessions.
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Our party included:

  • Tarian (Ed Stark), human male 4th-level monk
  • Fik (James Wyatt) human male 3rd-level rogue/1st-level paladin
  • Sam (Daneen McDermott) human female 3rd-level ranger/1st-level sorcerer
  • Darvan (Tim Rhoades) half-elf male 2nd-level bard/1st-level cleric of Farlangen
  • Pernich (David Noonan’s NPC, but we loved him like a brother) human male 3rd-level cleric
  • Hamelin the Bandit King (Dave Gross/David Noonan)

The group, like most gaming groups, changed membership over the months. Tim Rhoades (a non-Wizards friend of Ed’s wife) joined our group a month or so into the game, after signing a non-disclosure statement. Rob Heinsoo made a single guest appearance as Unther the Sorcerer, giving us battle-types a taste of arcane magic.

After a few weeks, Dave Gross had to bow out in order to spend more time writing his novel. His player character, Hamelin (and our trusty mule Albert) simply disappeared with no explanation. That’s also when Hamelin’s brother Pernich showed up. David had incorporated Dave’s character into the recruitment mechanics he had going on behind the scenes (see "The Keep," and "Bandits," under "The Places") and as we progressed in our adventures, Hamelin progressed through the ranks of the bandits at the keep. At the end, we had to fight Hamelin, who by this time was leading the bandits.


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