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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Uniting the Editions, Part 2 Legends & Lore 02/06/12 Monte Cook
Uniting the Editions, Part 3 Legends & Lore 02/13/12 Monte Cook
Uniting the Editions, Part 3 Addendum Legends & Lore 02/14/12 Mike Mearls
The Challenge
of High Level Play
Legends & Lore 02/20/12 Monte Cook
Putting the Vance in Advanced Legends & Lore 02/27/12 Monte Cook
Save or Die! Legends & Lore 03/05/12 Mike Mearls
Turning and Churning Legends & Lore 03/12/12 Mike Mearls
The One-Hour D&D Game Legends & Lore 03/19/12 Mike Mearls
These Are Not the Rules You're Looking For Legends & Lore 03/26/12 Mike Mearls
A Menagerie of Topics Legends & Lore 04/02/12 Mike Mearls
D&D Next Design Considerations Legends & Lore 04/09/12 Mike Mearls
A Walk Down Monster Lane Legends & Lore 04/16/12 Greg Bilsland
Cleric Design Goals Legends & Lore 04/23/12 Mike Mearls
Fighter Design Goals Legends & Lore 04/30/12 Mike Mearls
Rogue Design Goals Legends & Lore 05/07/12 Mike Mearls
Balancing Wizards in D&D Legends & Lore 05/14/12 Mike Mearls
Hit Points, Our Old Friend Legends & Lore 05/21/12 Mike Mearls
Playtest: First Round Overview Legends & Lore 05/28/12 Mike Mearls
Playtest: DM Packet Overview Legends & Lore 05/31/12 Mike Mearls
Bounded Accuracy Legends & Lore 06/04/12 Rodney Thompson
Monster Design in D&D Next Legends & Lore 06/11/12 Mike Mearls
Monster Design, Part 2 Legends & Lore 06/18/12 Mike Mearls
Playtest Update Legends & Lore 06/25/12 Mike Mearls
Magic Items in D&D Next Legends & Lore 07/02/12 Mike Mearls
Working in the Game Mine Legends & Lore 07/09/12 Mike Mearls
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