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The Sage of Shadowdale has something to say about pretty much everything. Despite having outlets in Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Adventures, and Polyhedron Newszine, the Old Mage still has more to say about Faerûn. Not wanting to anger an archmage, we decided it would be best to give him a regular column from which to discuss the finer points.

Wrapup Compilation
Part 66: Kholtar, Part 17
Part 65: Kholtar, Part 16
Part 64: Kholtar, Part 15
Part 63: Kholtar, Part 14
Part 62: Kholtar, Part 13
Part 61: Kholtar, Part 12
Part 60: Kholtar, Part 11
Part 59: Kholtar, Part 10
Part 58: Kholtar, Part 9
Part 57: Kholtar, Part 8
Part 56: Kholtar, Part 7
Part 55: Kholtar, Part 6
Part 54: Kholtar, Part 5
Part 53: Kholtar, Part 4
Part 52: Kholtar, Part 3
Part 51: Kholtar, Part 2
Part 50: Kholtar, Part 1
Part 49: The Road to Kholtar, Part 2
Part 48: The Road to Kholtar, Part 1
Part 47: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 6
Part 46: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 5
Part 45: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 4
Part 44: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 3
Part 43: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 2
Part 42: Doings in Delzimmer, Part 1
Part 41: Delzemaeran Delicacies, Part 3
Part 40: Delzemaeran Delicacies, Part 2
Part 39: Delzemaeran Delicacies, Part 1
Part 38: Life in Delzimmer
Part 37: The Satraps of Delzimmer, Part 2
Part 36: The Satraps of Delzimmer, Part 1
Part 35: A First Glance at Delzimmer
Part 34: Malthuk's Tower
Part 33: A Farewell to Voonlar
Part 32: Perendra's Little Secret
Part 31: The Wizard Then to Now
Part 30: Endgame at the Wizard
Part 29: The Battle at the Bar
Part 28: The Recent and Colorful History of the Wizard
Part 27: The Wizard's Well, and Dove of the Seven
Part 26: Why Stay at the Wizard?
Part 25: A Tour of the Wizard
Part 24: An Inn For Adventurers
Part 23: Cheap and Cheerful at the Three Elves
Part 22: Night Ale at the Meet
Part 21: Where Zhents Feel At Home
Part 20: Staying at the Shield
Part 19: The Shield Staff
Part 18: The Finest Beds in Town
Part 17: A Place to Stay
Part 16: The Dark Blessed
Part 15: Serving the Dark Sun
Part 14: Dark Temple Deeds, Darker Doers
Part 13: A Dark Heart to Lead Voonlar
Part 12: In The House of Darkness
Part 11: Into the Dark Sun's Embrace
Part 10: The Dark God Reformed
Part 9: Voonlarran Religious Politics
Part 8: To Venerate The Great Mother
Part 7: The House of the Helm
Part 6: Local Faith
Part 5: The Moods of Voonlar
Part 4: Justice and the Law
Part 3: The Bron's Deputies
Part 2: The Bron of Voonlar
Part 1: Voonlar
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