Dungeon Issue #206
By Christopher Perkins & Scott Fitzgerald Gray
A lost spellbook holds the key to unlocking a conspiracy that could shed new light on the Day of Mourning and reignite the Last War. A D&D Eberron adventure for characters of levels 7–9.
By Derek Myers
A beholder crime lord needs your help to thwart a common enemy, and the job pays well. It’s an offer you dare not refuse. A D&D Forgotten Realms adventure for characters of levels 6–8.
By Derek Myers
Meet a monstrous criminal mastermind who has his eyes—all eleven of them—on the City of Splendors and its many riches.
By Brian Cortijo
The malaugrym alter their forms to appear humanoid, and in various guises they sow treachery and discord throughout the Realms. If you’re going to defeat them, you’d best learn how to find them first.
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