Dungeon Issue #189
Adventures grow best if their seeds are planted well before harvest time. Here are the seeds for April's adventures.
By Will Hindmarch
Diyun, the Hanging City, is a rare sight. It is built on two foundations: the sides of numerous cliffs at the mouth of a river, and vice.
By Jason Wofford
In the heart of a lush, lonely wood, tucked away from the ageless eyes of the eladrin and the endless ambition of the fomorians, is a living maze in search of victims.
By Sterling Hershey
The brutal Proving Pit is where denizens of the Chaos Scar go to test their worthiness in combat. So far, none have measured up to the ghost of Morn Bladeclaw.
By Cameron Burry
When a small, strange tent appears suddenly in the neighborhood, it's a good time to sharpen your gambling skill. Mihajla the djinni accepts all wagers.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Sooner or later, every campaign ventures outside the dungeon. A wilderness trek calls for special preparations by both the characters and the DM.
By Ed Greenwood
Waterdeep is a generous city when it comes to handing out awards, decorations, and honors. Rumors are spreading that some awards come with mysterious strings attached.
By Rodney Thompson
When citizens of Draj rose up against the sorcerer-king Tectuktitlay, they were crushed without mercy. The punishment laid upon the rebels still lingers in the form of the Accursed Legion.
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