Dungeon Issue #188
By Steve Winter
We have an illustration that needs an article. Send us your idea and we just might go for it.
Adventures grow best if their seeds are planted well before harvest time. Here are the seeds for March's adventures.
By John Rossomangno (Updated 4/01/2011)
The captain of the astral ship Gleaming Undertaking is an honest man, but honesty is poor protection when you're striking a deal with a devil. Still, the arrangement seemed straightforward enough—transport some delicate merchandise from one port to another without breakage. What could go wrong? An adventure for characters of levels 17-19.
By Joshua Kerbau (Updated 4/06/11)
The Library of Highforest was once a renowned repository of knowledge. Great writings were housed on its shelves, and great scholars were enshrined in its catacombs. But generations ago, the library disappeared from written records so completely that no one knows precisely where it was or what became of it. An adventure for characters of levels 10-12.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Few denizens of the Abyss evoke as much horror or are as steeped in depraved majesty as the Faceless Lord. Juiblex is deemed a lesser figure in Abyssal hierarchy and deemed Lord of Nothing by its peers, but such assessments belie the slow, inexorable, unspeakable swell of wickedness that is Juiblex.
By Matt Sernett
A DM who hopes to stir more roleplaying around the gaming table should look no further than the NPCs populating the local tavern or inn. Background characters can be interesting, too. If they're interesting enough, they won't stay in the background for long. Here's a cast of characters to populate the local hostelry.
By Ed Greenwood
The nations of the Realms are filled with furtive organizations that use their own, secret jargon to communicate sensitive information. A primer on such codewords would be invaluable to spies—and one is available, thanks to the effort of Arshryke Taranth (deceased).
By Rodney Thompson
Expand the sun-scorched horizons of the brutal world of Athas by harking to the words of Rodney Thompson, lead developer of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting. Sorcerer-kings and preservers alike pay heed.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Whether you're a new DM struggling with the basic tasks of running a game or an old hand at a loss for how to deal with a perplexing problem, this is where you'll find help and answers.
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