Dragon Issue #427

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To Rule Two Worlds
By Ed Greenwood
As Abeir and Toril move apart, a few fell entities seek to rule parts of both worlds. A handful of heroes oppose them, but they need help—and fast.
Bestiary: Lost World
By Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
We brush away the dust of ages and reveal primordial beasts that lived before the rise of dinosaurs, or after their extinction.
Channel Divinity: Nerull
By Jon Green
A human wizard invented the magical art of necromancy. His name was Nerull.
Codex of Betrayal: Levistus
By John Rossomangno
If you thought being stripped of his title and entombed in an iceberg would slow down this archdevil—think again.
Ecology of the Neogi
By Jeff Morgenroth
Even in the far reaches of the Underdark, few creatures can match the boundless greed and patient hatred of the neogi.
Unearthed Arcana: Traits
By Claudio Pozas and Matt Sernett
Characters are more than just abilities, power and feats. Traits such as bravery, pride, and mercy are another facet that can help to define your hero.
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