Dragon Issue #389
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By Steve Winter
Change is in the wind. It's more like a slight breeze, really.
By Mike Mearls and Bill Slavicsek
The new Essentials line of products addresses specific needs among new D&D players. Here's what they are.
By Bill Slavicsek
Bill looks ahead at what's in store for August and beyond.
By Bill Slavicsek and Mike Mearls
Ampersand looks at the Essentials cleric.
By Bill Slavicsek and Mike Mearls
Ampersand looks at the Essentials wizard.
By Bill Slavicsek and Mike Mearls
Ampersand previews the Essentials knight.
By Bill Slavicsek and Mike Mearls
Ampersand shows off the Essentials rogue.
By Steve Townshend
A compelling origin story can drive your character's adventures through an entire career.
By Kevin J. Anderson
An escaped gladiator and a heartsick preserver battle for life, and for a better world.
By Robert J. Schwalb
People from the unforgiving wilderness or fantastical realms beyond the natural world can learn and wield psionic power through unconventional means.
By Matt Sernett
To minotaurs, clan is everything. Belonging to a clan, however, is as much about thought as blood.
By Matt Sernett
Every virtue has its opposite vice, and some characters embrace that darker side, or have in the past.
By Peter Schaefer
The itinerant monk Fat Aloisus became legendary for his graceful Fallen Needle style and his generosity.
By Robert J. Schwalb
To some seekers, their bows are more than simple tools. They become extensions of the seeker's spirit.
By Anthony Harrison with Jeff Morgenroth
Members of the Coven of the Garden maintain a unique relationship with the primal spirits. The order has taken root in the heart of civilization.
By Derek Guder
Most adventuring rogues are worthy of your trust, but are they all?
By Mike Mearls
Mike shines a spotlight into the Abyss and discusses its role in the pantheon of evil.
By Rich Baker and Rodney Thompson
The lead designer and developer of the upcoming Dark Sun Campaign Setting take you on a tour of the core concepts that guided their work.
By Shelley Mazzanoble
D&D's "Player-in-Chief" shares more of her wisdom and insight.
By Bart Carroll
A look back at D&D editions past and how they influence the current game.
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