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Word of Traitors
Legacy of Dhakaan, Book 2
Don Bassingthwaite

"[T]his guy can write . . . Don Bassingthwaite has created an easily accessible series with plenty of action and great personalities. Fun and engrossing."
-- Pat Ferrara,

Darguun. Heir to an empire long fallen. Forged anew in the fires of the Last War and held together by the iron will of Lhesh Haruuc.

But Lhesh Haruuc is dead, assassinated by a warrior sworn to serve him. His trusted inner circle suspects more than treachery. Something darker is at work. As Dharguun's ancient enemies stoke the flames of a new war and the Five Nations vie for power and influence, the fate of an entire nation rests in the hands of a few desperate heroes.

A thrilling tale of empire, betrayal, and power by the author of the acclaimed Dragon Below trilogy!

Item Details
Item Code: 250267400
Release Date: September 2009
Series: Legacy of Dhakaan, Book 2
Format: Mass Market Paperback, Audio Book
Price: $6.99 C$7.99; $24.95 Audio
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5196-3
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Author Bios
Don Bassingthwaite

Don Bassingthwaite was born in Meaford, Ontario, and now lives and works in Toronto. Degrees in anthropology and museum studies didn't prepare him for a career in publishing, but he has decided they are an excellent background for writing speculative fiction. Bassingthwaite is a contributor to the award-winning Bending the Landscape anthologies and the author of the dark fantasy novels Such Pain, Breathe Deeply, and Pomegranates Full and Fine. He shares a home with his partner, two cats, a wide assortment of books and games, and a ridiculously well-stocked spice cupboard.

For more information, see his website:

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