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Obsidian Oracle, The
The Prism Pentad, Book IV
Troy Denning

The Dark Lens, an ancient oracle of the last dwarven knights capable of harnessing powerful sun magic, stands as Tithian of Tyr's only hope to become a true sorcerer-king.

But Agis of Asticles, who stands in the way of Tithian's desire, has designs on the lens so that he may destroy the Dragon.

If either man is to survive their quest, they must overcome their hatred for one another lest they be vanquished at the hands of the abominable giants who guard the Obsidian Oracle.

Item Details
Item Code: 219837400
Release Date: April 2009
Series: The Prism Pentad, Book 4
Format: Trade Paperback, Audio Book
Price: $12.95 C$14.95; $19.95 Audio
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5060-7
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