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Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead
D&D Rules Supplement
Bruce Cordell, Eytan Bernstein, Brian James, Robin Laws, John Snead

Unearth the Evil.

Whispered tales speak of an eldritch tome crafted by necromancers and filled with spine-chilling facts about a vile menagerie of undead horrors—unnatural things known to haunt the gloom-filled corners of the world and beyond. Beware! This is that tome.

This supplement for the D&D Roleplaying Game explores the origins, tactics, myths, and lairs of undead creatures. Along with encounters and hooks for your campaign, it presents a host of undead threats, including new varieties of ghouls, skeletons, vampires, wraiths, and zombies. It also introduces new kinds of undead and provides statistics for unique undead villains such as Acererak and Vecna.

Item Details
Item Code: 9780786950690
Release Date: January 2009
Series: D&D Rules Supplement
Format: Trade Hardcover
Page Count: 224
Price: $29.95 C$34.00
ISBN: 9780786950690
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