D&D QA Archive | 8/31/2012
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Official D&D Errata & Rules Updates

From time to time, Wizards of the Coast publishes errata and minor updates to Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks.

These updates clarify rules questions, correct technical errors, and improve game play. While we make every effort to catch such issues before publication, the sheer volume of material published for the game ensures that a few inevitably creep in.

If you think you’ve found an error in one of our books, please let us know! R&D works with Customer Service and our community team to examine potential errors and determine what action, if any, needs to be taken. All updates are further screened by key members of the development and editing teams before being published here.

Rules updates published on this page are included in the Compendium and Character Builder as part of the soonest available monthly update to those tools.

August 2012 Errata

Monster Manual 3

Name Page Change
Cloaker Lord 35 Delete psychic keyword from hypnotic moan.

Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook

Name Page Change
Alien insight 17 Power bonuses granted by this power now last until the end of the encounter.
Dispel the darkness 53 This power now uses either Constitution or Charisma for attack and damage.
Scion of Sacrifice paragon path: Martyr’s Strike feature 104 The attack is now a free action.

Dragon 413

Article/Name Page Change
“Character Themes: Scourges of Lolth,” blood for spiders 4 This power’s Target entry has been clarified.
“Character Themes: Against the Matriarchs,” Sorcere Adept Level 10 feature 7 This benefit now reduces ritual performance time, not component cost.

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