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Elven Exiles, Volume II
Tonya C. Cook and Paul B. Thompson

While the Elven Exiles struggle for survival in the distant kingdom of Khur, the elves remaining in Qualinesti face persecution, enslavement, and extermination. Amid great suffering and unrelieved evil, a rebel leader -- masked, anonymous, and with strange powers -- appears, determined to cleanse the land of invaders.

Meanwhile, Kerianseray, the Lioness, Kagonesti general and wife of Speaker Gilthas, finds herself magically transported from certain death in Khur to equally dire straits in her former homeland. As Gilthas leads the elves across the trackless desert in search of a new home, the Lioness fights ruthless slavers and crosses paths with the mysterious masked revolutionary of Qualinesti.

Two of the authors of the Elven Nations trilogy continue the story of the elves!

Item Details
Item Code: 956157400
Release Date: October 2006
Series: Elven Exiles, Volume Two
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Page Count: 320
Price: $6.99 C$9.99
ISBN: 0-7869-4076-X
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