News Archive | 9/24/2012
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D&D Next Video Contest Winners

The D&D Next public playtest began in May—but there was still the opportunity for even more people to get involved. And that’s where you came in.

We asked you to create a video that will get D&D fans excited about being a part of the D&D Next Playtest. How you do that was entirely up to you. You could have shown us an epic film of classic heroism or a claymation reenactment of critical failures. Maybe it would be a recruitment video for your group or a Top Ten list of things you’ve learned from the playtest. Whether a classic D&D truism (like why you never split the party) or just an awesome/hilarious/cool episode taken straight from your imagination, we asked you to show the world what they’re missing.

And most importantly, to have fun.

Here now is the list of winning videos, as posted to the D&D Facebook page. We congratulate the winners, and also thank everyone involved for their participation!

1. King of Games by grahamtheham

2. D&D NEXT by dareddragon

3. Cupcake by LyricHead

4. The Whiteboard Review by potterama

5. Everybody's Playing D&D Next by shiftey

6. Mordenkainen's Tips by Sdanaher2012

7. Ambush by Hadafang

8. Your Game. Your Way. By K. Chenier