Blog Archive | 2/16/2012
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A Refresh to the Website
Bart Carroll

We've been making a few changes around here -- which include an interior content page and playtest hub.

We’ve mentioned these coming changes in our most recent In The Works columns. As stated, we believe that the D&D website will better serve our users by not trying to force everything onto the same homepage. What we’ve launched instead is a much revised, streamline homepage.

In addition to the homepage, this interior Daily D&D page is meant to better showcase our online content, whether Dragon, Dungeon, or free articles. Here you'll find a more visible headline for the day's lead article, as well as a longer, more visible list of our recent content (including micro-articles, such as this one).

We hope this revision to the website leads to a better user experience for visitors. As always, you can send your thoughts and comments to

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