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Wrapping UpD&D Insider Article
Ruling Skill Challenges
by Steve Winter

(This is the final chapter in the "Ruling Skill Challenges" series of articles. After 18 installments, Mike has written a pretty exhaustive how-to catalog of skill challenges. As a wrap-up, we offer this look at skill challenges from the perspective of Dungeon magazine.)

When D&D 4E first appeared, skill challenges were a new concept to everyone, including those who write adventures for Dungeon magazine. We all learned together what this new approach could and couldn't do, and we're still exploring its potential.

In reviewing and editing adventures, we see many mistakes being made with skill challenges. We assume that if our writers are making mistakes, DMs are making them in their home games, too. These errors fall into four constant categories. To conclude "Ruling Skill Challenges," here are the top errors to avoid when crafting your own skill challenges.

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    About the Author

    Steve Winter has been publishing D&D in one form or another since 1981. His bylines are too extensive to list. He's now a D&D Insider web specialist and editor for Dragon and Dungeon magazines.