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DuergarD&D Insider Article
Creature Incarnations
by Craig A. Campbell

Duergar—the name inspires terror in the hearts of adventurers. Who are these fell cousins of the dwarves? What strange and fearsome rules govern their society? Where do they live, and how do they protect themselves? What can adventurers expect when they venture into the realm of this devil-worshiping race? Welcome to the (under)world of the duergar.

Duergar view the intelligent races of the Underdark as enemies to be destroyed or enslaved. They wage war continually against the drow, derros, kuo-toas, and troglodytes for territory and resources. Occasionally, duergar form alliances with these foes, but such alliances are honored only so long as they work in the duergar’s favor. Of all the Underdark races, the duergar hate the mind flayers most of all, because it was the mind flayers who enslaved them for countless generations. Duergar never barter or deal with illithids; they slaughter every one that falls into their clutches. No duergar will admit it, but mind flayers terrify them.

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    About the Author

    Craig A. Campbell became a Dungeons & Dragons player 20 years ago. Over the years, he has written for the RPGA, D&D Insider, and Dragon and Dungeon online. This article marks his twentieth published work for the game he loves.