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Eye of JusticeD&D Insider Article
by Erik Scott de Bie

The Eye of Justice is a heretical, hypervigilant branch of those faithful to Torm, god of justice. Members of this group brutally root out what they perceive as “evil” in the world around them. Perhaps unsurprisingly in an order composed largely of former criminals, their methods are ruthless and extreme, and they go to any lengths to enforce their own brand of justice.

The Seers are without exception well connected politically, and each has ties to Westgate’s criminal elements, as well. Indeed, they have to have these connections or else they’d quickly lose their seats to rival Seers. As a result of these ties and a Seer’s willingness to use them, crossing a Seer is a mistake few make twice.

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    About the Author

    Erik Scott de Bie lives in the Seattle area with his wife, two cats, and far too much gamer stuff. He writes technical documentation by day, fights injustice by night, and gives the rest of his time to fiction, gaming, and his lovely lady (not necessarily in that order). He is the author of several Forgotten Realms novels, including Ghostwalker, Depths of Madness, and his most recent release, Downshadow.