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Fool's Grove
Dungeon Delve
by Logan Bonner and Chris Sims

The Dungeon Delve supplement introduces the delve style of adventure to anyone who hasn't had the fortune to be at a convention featuring our RPGA delves. Coinciding with Dungeon Delve's release last month, we are pleased to offer the following "missing" delve—originally set for party level 2 1/2.

In a time long before the current age of the world, fomorians began magical experimentation with myriad life forms, fey and otherwise, to produce nefarious guardians and soldiers. Such experimentation inevitably results in successes and failures. Loath to part with their failed experiments without sowing some form of wickedness, the fomorians devised mystical prisons for their underwhelming monstrosities. These they built upon or near the surface of the world, where their castoff pets could do harm to the fomorians' enemies.

These "prisons" are dens of madness and confusion. Little, if anything, can be expected to make sense within them. The adventuring site of this scenario—the so-called Fool's Grove—is no different.

Fool's Grove Bestiary


Brain Mole


Flail Snail

Stench Kow


About the Authors

Logan Bonner has a lair that is a series of spiraling tunnels, and at the nexus of these passages lurks Logan Bonner. Any creature passing over one of these tunnels is drawn towards it hypnotically, for the tunnels form a pattern which is hypnotic. When a victim is within the passages, he approaches Logan without realizing it and is charmed by a spell from the game designer unless a saving throw at –4 on the die is made. The charmed victim will then be devoured at Logan’s leisure. In these depths, Logan has produced fiendish works such as Adventurer’s Vault, Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, Draconimicon, and Arcane Power.

Chris Sims—a mindless shell of nebulous humanoid shape—was created by traumatic thought. Driven by past connections with worldly beings, Chris seeks a material body with singleness of purpose. He searches for weak points in the fabric connecting the Astral Sea and the world, waiting for one of these stress points to become collinear so that he can pass through the singularity thus created. While he waits, he has used his utter lack of imagination on Dungeon Master’s Guide, Adventurer’s Vault, Martial Power, and Monster Manual 2.