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House of PainD&D Insider Article
Side Trek for Levels 8-10
by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes

Someone has been kidnapping eladrin from settlements in the Feywild. The victims have nothing in common other than race and the misfortune to live in lightly protected dwellings at the edges of habitation. They are ordinary folk, not wealthy or noble, and no ransom demands have been issued. The kidnappings take place at night, and the victims disappear without a trace. None have seen them since.

Your PCs are reaching the upper end of the heroic tier. New worlds are opening up to them. They might have already ventured to the Feywild, for example, and made contacts with inhabitants of that magical plane. Now they are ready to take their first steps into the darkness.

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    About the Author

    Jennifer Clarke Wilkes works as a game editor at Wizards of the Coast LLC. She has also co-written a number of roleplaying game supplements, including the Faiths of Eberron and Sandstorm supplements.