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Winning Races: HalflingsD&D Insider Article
Overwhelming Passion
By Derek Guder

Powerful emotions forge the greatest of heroes, and unusual motivations can transform a character from a typical stereotype into something unique. A powerful temper fueled by simmering resentment can surprise the other characters when your halfling’s veneer of control breaks, or the character could be out of control all the time, completely playing against type. Halflings are no less susceptible to dark urges than any human, dwarf, or elf—the rotten ones just sport a wider smile while they lie.

Your wide, easy smile hides a deep-seated insecurity and fear of abandonment. Whatever the limits of your heroism, you find it nearly impossible to trust those closest to you. You are torn between a desperate need to belong and a certainty that, ultimately, everyone will abandon you when you need them. Torn between these extremes, you are gregarious and friendly—annoyingly so—but you also have a dark, pessimistic undercurrent that many fail to perceive.

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    About the Author

    Derek Guder lives in the Seattle area and works his days for Gen Con. He’s a hater and a fighter and speaks a unique dialect of English that sounds remarkably like a string of expletives to the untrained ear.