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Letters to the Editor

Please, for the love of Bahamut, stop pumping out powers, feats, builds for the PHB1 classes. They have so many options already that it is becoming difficult to make any choices about them. I would really love to see the majority of your efforts go towards the less popular classes. There is a reason they are less popular. They have FAR fewer options. A good example would be the Runepriest and the Seeker. Both of those concepts are FANTASTIC but the implementation has some holes and issues that could easily be fixed with a new build, some new powers, and a few feats. Help the less popular ones catch up before putting out another fighter article.

We hear this a lot, but from both sides of the fence. Witness ...

I personally am burned out on all the new feats, "organizations," new powers, monsters, rules add on, etc. We all received plenty of that with the supplement books. Let’s see some articles expounding more on themes as presented in Dark Sun. More suggestions for new character builds, new and inventive ways to tweak powers and feats to reflect a theme for such organizations. Go so far as to offer ideas to build your own essentials characters with the other classes that exist in 4E. The market is already saturated with all of the above, now give DMs and players the best ideas to maximize what they have without taking a feat, power, or belonging to an organization. ... Oh, and take a survey or listen to everyone real close when they discuss combat. It takes too long, way too long.

Now that's the way to gripe—lodge your complaint, then make a constructive suggestion.

Actually, we pulled Shawn's letter because it lets us a) point out that we intend to shine a spotlight on Dark Sun-style themes in the coming months, beginning in either April or May, and b) state for the record that we'd like to publish more articles on getting the most from what's already in the game rather than loading more onto it, but writers for that type of material seem to be a rare breed, and we're not sure why. If anyone reading this is interested in undertaking such a project, be sure to send your proposals to

BTW, we've also had plenty of discussions about the pace of combat. You should see that subject being tackled in the coming months, too.

I was wondering how we will be notified when there's an article update? As far as I can tell so far, you have to check the month's article page to see if anything has been updated or happen to read the right staff member's blog on the right day. Is there going to be a way to be notified on the front page, or in the Rules Update page?

Article updates are now noted in three places. The first is on the article's individual web page. The second is on the table of contents page for that month, where you can check the whole issue at once for updates. The third is on my Twitter feed (stvwinter); I tweet every time we update something, along with occasional other notes concerning Dragon and Dungeon online.

If you have opinions, and we know you do, send them to We read some of what gets posted in the forums, but we don't have nearly enough time to scan even half of it. We do read all the mail, and even reply to some of it, so email is the best way for your opinion to get seen.