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Dead GodsD&D Insider Article
Power Play: Divine
By Pierre van Rooden

Immortals can live forever, but gods do die—by fate, choice, or through the hands of others who are jealous for their power. When gods die, their temples fall. Worshipers scatter and the faith dwindles. Many gods disappear entirely. For a few, a remnant of belief survives. Cults and lone evangelists delve into secrets of the past in search of the divine power of dead gods. Since divine characters are imbued directly with a deity’s power, they keep the ability to cast spells after their deity’s death. Incorporating such elements into a character's background sets that character apart and enables characters to worship and serve unusual deities.

You desire power. Not wealth or arcane or martial might, but true divine power. You hope to steal it from a dead deity. You disguise your studies as worship and try to act devout—but you know it doesn’t matter. You keep up a show to throw off suspicion, though people give you odd looks for clinging to an abandoned faith. Once you take the deity’s power, the scorn you receive now will be worth it.

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    About the Author

    For the last decade, Pierre van Rooden has done bits and pieces as author and editor for the RPGA and proofreader for TSR Inc., going by such fancy titles as "Writing Director" and "Continuity Constable." Online, he earned the nickname "gomez," due to an Addams Family quote. He earns coin as webmaster for a Dutch broadcasting company, which helps him maintain a wife as well as two pet cats, Noripi and Max.