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Origin StoriesD&D Insider Article
Strong Entrances, Strong Characters
By Steve Townshend

Origin stories prime new characters to step onto the campaign stage fully drawn, with motivation, purpose, and direction. At their most basic, origin stories provide alternative backgrounds for player characters. Played to their fullest, they can drive a character’s story, bestow themed rewards, and shape the superstructure of the campaign. Each origin in this article provides a motivating conflict for a player character and suggests a general arc for how the character’s story might develop over time.

You have a price on your head, because you have earned the enmity of powerful enemies that will stop at nothing to capture you dead or alive. You have no safe places to hide and few whom you can trust without fear of betrayal. Friends are a luxury you can hardly afford, because your mere presence endangers their lives. You do not stay in one place for long and you have learned to sleep lightly, with a weapon close at hand. One day you will face your hunters and make a final stand. Until then, you must run.

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    About the Author

    Steve Townshend contributed to Monster Manual 3 and to several D&D Insider projects. This is the second of several articles he has in the works.