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GnomesD&D Insider Article
Winning Races
By Brian Yablon

Included in this article are two new backgrounds (brawny gnome and urban gnome) plus two new paragon paths for gnome defenders: one each for the paladin and swordmage. The gnome nightcloak is a stealthy paladin who is as at home striking from the shadows as fighting evil in the light of day. The phantasm guard merges the gnomes’ natural affinity for illusions with their swordmage training to produce a unique arcane tradition.

Whether in the world—where goblins, kobolds, and other foul creatures threaten their warrens—or in the Feywild—where eldritch beasts, carnivorous plants, and malicious fey threaten them—gnomes have always required ways of combating and dealing with their deadly and often more numerous enemies. As a result, they have developed many specialized fighting techniques that take advantage of their talents for illusion, stealth, the fey magic coursing in their veins, and even their diminutive size, and they turn these techniques against their foes to devastating effect.

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    About the Author

    Brian Yablon is a fan of all the things in D&D that come in small packages but pack a big punch, but especially the fierce gnomes. This is his first contribution to Dragon.