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Warlock VestigesD&D Insider Article
The Art of Binding
By Russel Jones and Jeramy Pappas

The powers presented in "The Art of Binding: Warlock Vestiges," as well as many from Arcane Power, give a vestige pact warlock the ability to help fill the secondary role of leader or controller. Having this ability is especially useful for parties that lack either of these roles or have an abundance of strikers, and it can help in situations where doubling up gives the group an edge.

Centuries ago, a powerful covenant of warlocks known as the Umbral Cabal summoned a demon lord to do its bidding. The demon, known as Kulnoghrim the Terrible, committed such horrific deeds of carnage and madness that it became too much for the warlocks to bear. The group bound the fiend by using a forbidden ritual, destroying themselves in the process and leaving Kulnoghrim to languish into obscurity.

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    About the Authors

    Russell Jones and Jeramy Pappas currently work in TV news, but would prefer to sit around and think about dwarves and goblins all day. They live in Arkansas, where they prowl the night looking for sparkly vampires to stake or a decent gaming store, whichever comes first. This is their first article for Dragon magazine, and they hope you like it.