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GraefmotteD&D Insider Article
Font of Sorrows
by Robert J. Schwalb

Graefmotte earned its place among the domains of dread when its lord murdered his own son rather than see him die on a battlefield, lost amid a sea of corpses. The lord's selfishness and refusal to accept the consequences for his actions drew the fell attention of the dark powers, and, for his crimes, he and all his people were trapped in the Shadowfell, where the drama and tragedy of one man's evil dooms them all.

Time hides tragedies, burying them in annals and histories scarcely read, but the Shadowfell is not so eager to relinquish these tales. Its realm holds vestiges from times past—seething pockets of human error and wickedness. Dark lords abound on this plane, and each was pulled into a misty domain to capture in amber their mortal failings. The plane makes new homes for the most desperate, depraved, and disturbed ever to walk the world of the living. Who can say how many dark lords are spawned by ancient conflicts punctuating the mortal world's long saga? How many traitors, cruel tyrants, and immoral deviants live on, trapped between life and death in a purgatory where they can while away time reflecting on the evils they wrought?

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    About the Author

    Robert J. Schwalb contributed design to such books as the Forgotten Realms Player;s Guide, Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons, Manual of the Planes, P2: Demon Queen's Enclave, Martial Power, Player's Handbook 2, Eberron Campaign Guide, Eberron Player's Guide, Divine Power, Adventurer's Vault 2, Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons, Primal Power, as well as numerous articles for D&D Insider. Robert lives in Tennessee.