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The Ruthless Reach BarbarianD&D Insider Article
Class Acts
By Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel

Although still a striker through and through, a ruthless reach barbarian can act as controller in a secondary role by attacking small groups of foes or moving enemies around the battlefield. He or she can even serve as a defender in a pinch, using reach to keep enemies at bay or cutting weaker foes down before they can enter melee range. The barbarian evocations presented here take this into account, and a ruthless reach barbarian is doubly dangerous when he or she has a little room to work.

One type of barbarian, the ruthless reach barbarian, has mastered the use of two-handed reach weapons, which apply leverage with each strike like no other type of weapons. The long haft of a glaive, halberd, or longspear allows a ruthless reach barbarian to generate immense power when targeting foes at his or her weapon’s maximum reach—in other words, 2 squares away.

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    About the Author

    Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel is a staff writer and editor for Goodman Games, a freelance writer and RPG designer, and the editor-in-chief of the 4E magazine Level Up. He has been a professional game designer since 2005, and his recent author credits include Blackdirge’s Dungeon Denizens, Critter Cache: Daemons, and Hero’s Handbook: Tiefling. Aeryn currently lives in Modesto, California with his wife Melissa, a nongamer whose tolerance for her husband’s geekery borders on the supernatural.