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Performing the PactD&D Insider Article
Warlock Patrons
By Jeff Morgenroth and Arnie Frank

The warlock’s patron is a figure of mystery and power, lurking in the fringes of legend. Each patron, be it greedy devil or bewitching fey, is as unique as the warlocks with which it forms pacts. This article broadens the idea of how much a character draws upon the pact and is molded by it by showing you how to design a fully realized patron. You will find details for each of the five pacts below, as well as sample patrons along with new feats and backgrounds, which allow you to widen the scope of your most distinguishing feature: your pact.

Arrogantly she flaunted her sorcery while Yorgrix waited in the darkness, watching. Its demonic nature allowed it to master the lethal subtleties of dark pact magic, and eventually the desire for power overcame it. In a night of slaughter that left no survivors, the spider gorged itself on all living creatures within the subterranean city. Swollen from ingesting its victims, Yorgrix grew too corpulent to pass through the city’s gates, so it took up residence. Webs now drape every inch of the drow city, and suspended at the cavern’s center is Yorgrix, forever waiting silently in demonic hunger.

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