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Warden EssentialsD&D Insider Article
Class Acts
by Tavis Allison and Eytan Bernstein

One of the joys of Dungeons & Dragons is playing a hero of legend. Throughout human history, people have needed legendary heroes to defend their cultures against outsiders. These warriors drew upon their myths and their courage to confront the invaders. This archetype also thrives in the worlds of fantasy, and the warden offers players the chance to become a hero who brings this legacy to life. Understanding how a warden functions is essential to creating and playing a character who lives up to its legendary heritage while helping the party create a new set of legends.

The first guardians of this forest were peasants before they were levied into the armies of Nerath. Those who survived returned to the forest, where they found the training that the collapsing empire had neglected. They learned to revere life, to draw strength from the growing world, and to stand fast. When they walked through these woods, they held their polearms high so that the curved blades would shine forth like a crescent moon for all to see. Those who belong here could see an ally was on the way, and invaders knew fear when looking upon these blades. That's what it means to be a warden.

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    About the Authors

    Tavis Allison lives in New York City, is always eager to meet new people around the gaming table, and can be reached easily via Facebook.

    Eytan Bernstein hails from New York City. He spends his days writing and editing history books for a major educational publisher. By night, he works as a game designer, editor, and developer. His many previous credits for Wizards of the Coast include Adventurer's Vault, Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead, and Arcane Power.