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Epic Destinies and MonstersD&D Insider Article
by Bill Slavicsek

It's a pretty busy time here at the D&D offices, but I didn't want to miss my opportunity to chat with you this month. Continuing my developing tradition of showing off something cool and exciting to D&D Insiders first, I've grabbed a couple of items to put on display. One is another glimpse of Player's Handbook 2, kind of a bookend to this week's druid preview. I'm showing off an epic destiny that the druid (or any other primal character) can aspire to -- the Primal Avatar. Then, I want to share with you the new-style Dungeon Delve monster stat cards that will be included with D&D Miniatures starting in 2009. Each card features all of the statistical information you need so that you can run the monster in your D&D Roleplaying Game adventures. I've pulled two to show off, one familiar monster from the Monster Manual and one new monster that first appears in an upcoming adventure. But before we get to that, a few other topics …

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