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A Hero's First StepsD&D Insider Article
Rules for Level 0 Characters
By Philippe-Antoine Menard

A clear divide exists among the denizens of the D&D worlds. On one side, you have innumerable hordes of monsters and scheming villains. On the other, you have a few isolated pockets of ill-defended city-states, baronies, farmsteads, and other islands of civilization. Then there are those that invariably get caught in between: adventurers and heroes.

The existence of such stalwarts of heroism raises some questions. How does one rise toward power, fame and riches through adventuring? Are heroes handpicked by destiny, or forged through trials and resilience? What if adventurers are gifted individuals who scrambled to grab the right opportunity when it passed? What if becoming a hero was all about learning the lessons of making those first steps into danger and the unknown?

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