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Head of the Class
Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard
By Shelly Mazzanoble

The script looked good on paper—no horrible, antiquated stereotypes, no perpetuation of ancient myths, not one mention of Doritos. But still . . . what if the writers changed a line at the last minute? What if one of the actors improvised? Worse, what if Community's community just didn’t get D&D's community?

Let's be honest, making fun of D&D is like Kimbo Slice picking on the kids who stereotypically play it. OK, some of the stuff is funny ("I attack the darkness" in particular), but for the most part—snooze. Aren't we over that garbage yet? Haven't we proved that people who play D&D also own homes, have pets, take vacations with their families, live aboveground, and so on? With the exception of maybe having higher-than-average intelligence and being better looking in general, D&D players are just like everyone else.

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About the Author

Shelly Mazzanoble may not have the script for Community, but she does know every line of Mommie Dearest and will happily perform it as a one-woman show if anyone is interested.