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Margaret WeisD&D Insider Article

Margaret Weis was a storyteller before she knew how to read. In kindergarten, Weis would sit in front of the class and tell stories to her classmates while her teacher caught up on paperwork. Growing up in a home that valued books and reading, Weis's favorite authors were Alexander Dumas, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and later, J.R.R. Tolkien.

Weis graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in English, then worked for 12 years at a small church-owned publishing company as a proofreader, advertising director and eventually, editor -- concurrently publishing several works of juvenile nonfiction and working on a science fantasy novel.

After learning of Dungeons & Dragons from a Publishers Weekly article, Weis applied for a position at TSR and was hired as editor for a new, ground-breaking project known as Dragonlance. She met lead designer Tracy Hickman and was immediately enthralled with the story line. Together, the duo spent one weekend writing the first chapters of what would become Dragons of Autumn Twilight -- the beginning of an era widely considered to have revolutionized roleplaying games and game-related fiction.

Since that time, Weis has authored or edited dozens of New York Times best-selling novels -- with Hickman or other collaborators, as well as independently. In addition, Weis is owner and chief officer of Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd., which produced Dragonlance game products until June 2008.