Wallpapers Archive | 6/29/2010
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MM3 Wallpapers
Jen Page

You can never have enough monsters in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. With more than 300 new creatures contained within its pages, Monster Manual 3 features a fiendish array of clever tricksters, hulking brutes, and diabolical villains to vex player characters. From the treacherous jackalwere to the insane derro, a number of classic D&D monsters join 4th Edition with the arrival of this book.

To help celebrate it's release, we've created desktop wallpapers for several of the book's creatures -- including the derro, catastrophic dragons, and Lolth herself: known also as the Demon Queen of Spiders, the Mistress of Lies, and the Lady of Shadows, this exiled goddess is one of the most powerful entities in the Abyss.

To Use the Desktop Wallpapers

Mac OS X: If you are using Macintosh OS X, put the desktop pictures into your Pictures folder then open System Preferences. Select "Desktops" then choose the desktop picture you want to use.

Windows: If you are using Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP, right click on any empty area on your desktop. Select Properties in the menu that appears. Click the Desktop tab. Click the Browse button, then navigate to where you stored your desktop wallpapers, then select the desktop wallpaper you want to use.